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I am probably the biggest waste of space and time to everyone I know.

Anonymous said: You have the prettiest smile

That has made my incredibly shitty night abit less shitty! Thank you






my name backwards spells “disappointment and skin problems”

nice to meet you, Smelborp Niks Dna Tnemtnioppasid

You really shouldn’t put your full name on the internet, it’s not safe.

I’m done

Smelborp for president

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do you ever know the answer to a question in class but you don’t want to say it and the teacher is looking round at everyone and you’re tempted to say it but just before you get the chance to, the teacher tells you the answer and everyone is mind-blown and stares at the teacher in complete awe like they’re the most intelligent being ever and you just sit there like i knew that

this is literally my life…

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